The MusicMakers Workshop: Music Career Development

The MusicMakers Workshop teaches musicians to successfully brand and to monetize their art.  It’s about music career development. We go to school to learn about our specific professions — but are never given the tools to successfully leverage those skills in the real-world.  The MusicMakers Workshop addresses this need for the Arts community.


MusicMakers Workshops

A professor at Indiana University did a study of 1500 music graduates and discovered that only 50% work in the field of music after leaving college.  While 50% is actually a good percentage, with music career development, more MusicMakers can be out in the world creating art and living their dream.  We’ve designed a program to help artists to define their brand, tell their story, expand their available revenue streams, and maintain a healthy work/life balance.


Marketing / Branding

What is the core of your passion?  What called you? How are you educating and empowering? Behind every MusicMaker is a vision; a story that makes their music different from any other.  The goal of this workshop is to lead you back through your story so that you can define it and communicate it to agents,  publishers, and venue owners. Most importantly, though, it will help you communicate your story to the tribe of listeners who are looking for exactly what you offer and will fall in love with what you do.


  • Brand YOU: Telling Your Story

Investment in the Arts Must be Emotional  Do you really know the story of your music?  In this workshop, we’ll work on your story and how to tell your story.  From there, we’ll expand on that vision and look at your Identity (how it looks) – which can later be expanded to be your Vision Board, Imagery, Font, and Style Book.


  • Personal Pitch

Participants pitch their musical project in a 1 on 1 personal environment with music professionals.  This is an opportunity for musicians to speak directly with booking agents, publicists, publishers and the like and get personal feedback.  This event is open to all conference attendees but available on a first come basis.  Each personal pitch and feedback meeting will be limited to a half hour.  


  • Pitch Main Event

Participants apply to pitch Shark Tank style to a panel of music industry professionals.  The Pitch Event will be run similar to a masterclass where the audience can learn from the feedback provided by the panel.  The top 5-6 submissions will have an opportunity for ½ hour slot to present and to receive feedback.




There are over 40 revenues streams available to musicians – each protected by different copyrights, rights organizations, relationships, licenses, or the like.  It might seem a bit complicated but this series will break it down in relation to your rights then describe the metadata associated with your music.   We will chart the journey of your music release, where to register your music, and the rights organizations you’ll need to get involved with.

  • Booking 101

Are you ready to start performing at a national or international level? A booking agent can be your best ally in that effort.  This panel discussion will arm you with information about how to find and vet an agent, what you can expect from an agent, standard deal terms and how to manage that relationship.


  • Music Publishing 101

Performance income is limited. How does a musician make money at 10:00 am on a Tuesday?  By writing music instead of performing it! This panel of publishers and musicians will address various areas of revenue available to you, how to approach a publisher, how to vet a publisher, and how to get started putting pencil to paper.


  • Understanding Copyright

Promises of digital royalties for Producers, Mixers, and Engineers & new bills in Congress seem to guarantee a new brighter horizon for many who have not enjoyed this type of revenue in the past. But is this future so promising? This panel discussion will explore details of the new house bills as well as touch on under-utilized or unclaimed revenue based on existing royalty, rights, and trademarks.


  • Expanding your Scope

There are excellent financial opportunities over and above performance and recording.  We will discuss Grants; Composition for Film/TV/Advertising; Session & Side-person Work; Arts Education.


  • Building Community

As musicians, we are leaders.  This Workshop is for Community Leaders (all attendees and the general public).  We will discuss methods of nurturing the Arts Industry; creating new jobs; supporting Arts Organizations; facilitating Cultural Tourism.


  • Endorsements



In this series of workshops, we walk through and explain “The Red Tape”.   We discuss how to create a dream team to help you accomplish your goals.  There will also be discussions on how to handle taxes, Insurance (Disability & Health Care), Retirement Plans, & Social Security.   We will also explore how organizations, such as ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC, can be utilized to support these efforts.

  • Teamwork

This is where we discuss how to Build, Trust, and Maintain YOUR dream team.  What does your team look like?  What are you expected to do as an Artist?  Who’s in the driver’s seat?   We will also explore the Evolution of your Team over time as well as how to hand team turnover.


  • Improvising Life

Music teaches us to be fluid and to accept an ever changing landscape.  As a result, music is a metaphor for Business. Therefore, some of the best business people out there grew up studying the arts.  Those things that you want to be constant in your career are actually variables.  This workshop focuses on learning to be comfortable with change and how to be ready to take a right turn even though you were planning to go straight.


  • Financial Planning


A Healthy Career

Obviously, a healthy balance is key for any musician’s success.  We like to address this challenge directly and have put together workshops to help guide you through this challenge.

    • Keeping It Together [When Everyone Wants a piece of You]
    • Maintaining Your most valuable Instrument: YOU
      Ever wonder why some artists just keep ascending, while others stall or burn out?  The stress and challenge of maintaining a diverse musical career can take a tremendous toll on your physical and mental health. This workshop will present healthy practices and crucial management skills that will allow you to set a career path and stick it out for the long term.
    • Managing the Irons
      • How to keep 20 Irons in the fire.  Expectation Management
      • OCD is not helpful. You will drop balls & disappoint — AND THAT’S OK!!!!  That’s how we learn.  This is why you need a team of people to pick you up.
    • How to manage Balance between the Day Job and Music



MusicMakers daily events help to make sure that attendees have opportunities to network and work together.  Curious why we doing this, while other conventions are not? The goal is to help forge lasting relationships with a like-minded community that will support you.


  • Daily Movement, Meditation, and Maintenance

Each morning, we start with teaching attendees how to take care of their body through meditation, movement, stretching, and healthy habits.   The focus is on avoiding carpal tunnel and avoiding hurting yourself!


  • Networking Jams

Each evening, attendees have the opportunity to network, meet their mentors, and play music together in a live music venue.  Jams are recorded and could be leveraged as possible releases (in an effort to bring revenue back to our participants).


  • Awards Ceremony

Awards for top Educator, Composer, Collaborator, Community Organizer, and Composition Fest.