Donate Recording Gear

Donate Recording Gear & Video Equipment to Charity


Your used audio/video equipment, computers, and other digital media items can be extremely helpful to our nonprofit charitable projects – MusicMakers and Independent Ear.  Donate recording gear today.

Notes to the Soul is a charitable project and we rely on donated equipment to be able to offer our programs, events, and services to artists and audiences.

On this page, you will find a list of our current needs. In the USA, your contribution is tax-deductible for the current fair market value of the goods or services you donate.  [Partial List on Amazon Smile]


Video Production Equipment

Have professional-level video production equipment that you’re looking to retire?  Do you work for a company that manufactures or sells professional A/V electronic products?

We’re not limited to this list – but are generally looking for the following capabilities:

  • 4 identical 4k cameras (same model) that, at a minimum, can record at a Frame Rate of 23.97 in Apple ProRes 422
  • Appropriate parfocal lenses with a minimum of 16x zoom
  • 5 AJA Kipros or equivalent on-camera recorders
  • Multi-Camera & GFX Switcher that can stream and record


Here’s a more detailed wish-list:

Cameras & Switching

Sony PXW FS5




Location Audio Recording

Field Recorder/Mixer




Microphone Accessories




Wireless Interactivity and Comm


Sound Bag, Power, & Accessories



Audio Production Equipment

We need pro audio and audiophile equipment to enable and enhance our educational programs and our recording and event production services:

500 Series


Audio Interfaces


Audio Effects

Guitar Amps


Instrument Accessories















Mix Control Surface


Neve Channel Power


PatchBay Accessories



ProCo: E3MC to XM/XF Fan


ProCo: E3MC to XM/TRS Fan


ProCo: E3MC to XM 1 Channel